Photos, news from home

I can’t believe that almost everyone I know back home has a digital camera but I have not received a single photo from anyone! Its shameful!!! Be ashamed. Be very ashamed. Especially when I treasure photos and miss everyone so much and would love some recent photos of people and the happenings and parties and gigs and whatever else is going on there. K, enough of that…

Its been a crazy week of job interviews, long calls with agents about jobs. Good news is that I was offered a job, 3 month contract, IT support at a large law firm called Allen & Overy. Yay! I start on 4 September.

So besides that I haven’t been doing much. Spending lots of time with my housemates. Last week it was Linda’s birthday, so we went to a thai restaurant, called Thai Corner Cafe in Highbury & Islington. The food was excellent! We explored Brixton and surrounding area during the weekend, checked out the Brixton Recreation centre (6 levels, a pool, gym, climbing wall, and numerous classes), walked to Brockwell park which is not far from our place at all.

Finally organised the telephone line to be installed. Only took one month… there is definitely some sort of global telephone company conspiracy of providing sub-standard service. Internet should be up and running by next week some time.

This weekend is the Nottinghill festival and tons of other stuff happening. Will keep you posted.

Nishlan and Shelina are going to be in London for a few days next week. Nirven is probably also going to be around next week. Going to try and meet up with them.

Cheers for now.