Last thursday I went for a walk along South Embankment, past the London eye, across the bridge to Westminster up to and through St James Park to Trafalgar Square and then got a bus back home. Saw this couple on the train. The way they were holding each other and the expression on their faces made me think they were in love. I like seeing people in love. I like seeing old couples hold hands when they are walking. Like seeing people being affectionate with each other in a way that demonstrates their love for each other.

From heatwave to autumn like weather in 2 weeks.

Saturday I visited the Natural History museum, the Tate Britain, the V&A museum and Harrods food court (needed to see the chocolate they have there which is incredible and expensive).

Job hunting has been slow. Mostly permanent positions posted and positions based an hour to hour and half out of London. Very costly to travel to everyday. I would like to just get a good 3 month contract earning without any breaks inbetween. Would be able to save a significant amount of cash I am sure.