MADONNA, Wembley Area… spectacular!

The highlight of the last month has got to be the Madonna concert and is the best concert that I have been to! We also had some good seats.
I dont know how many people there were there but it was packed. She performed for almost 2 hours solid. Her dancers were amazing, she is an amazing performer. I will never forget that concert, keep having flashbacks. It must’ve been over 40 degrees celcius in that arena (I suspect the air-conditioning had been turned off on her request). When you have sweat dripping from your eye-lids, you know its bloody hot. Felt like being in a club. It was one phat party! She is a tiny woman, fantastic body, my god the muscles on her legs and arms. Nirven managed to secure tickets that afternoon. He is so glad he came.
There was a dance routine during the show when her dancers looked as if their feet were barely touching the floor. They were so incredibly agile, nimble, light footed, had such control over their bodies.
Madonna herself was quite impressive doing some hectic dance sequences while singing.