Nirven stayed with me during the week. It was fun, relaxed, chilled out, had a chance to catch up a bit on the past few years… there was a time when we were younger that we spent a lot of time together. Guess each of the cousins have had periods where they spent more time with one than the others.

Not having internet access at home has really hampered my search. I was given a week’s notice at AKQA and that’s why I have had some time off. Did go for 2 interviews last week, which I do not think were successful.

Last Friday I woke up fairly early, left Nirven to sleep in, went to the local internet cafe down the road to check emails and apply for jobs. Went back to the flat to wake Nirven up to get ready. Left the flat around 1pm. Phaffed around Victoria station for a bit, then made my way to Paddington station to catch a train to Swansea, Wales. It was a 3 hour train ride. The scenery reminded me of the Natal country side. Reached Swansea at about 18:00. Stayed with friends Bash and Andy in an area of Swansea called Mumbles. That evening was quite chilled out, watched Immortal Beloved with some of their friends. Had not seen that film since it was first released and was great seeing it again. Forgot how good it is.
Had a haircut the next day £13 for a dry-cut. Not bad compared to London prices. Went for a 3 hour hike up Mumbles hill, had a picnic at the top, the view layout very similar to Cape Point… walked down the hill, then along a cliff path along the coastline. Got home and chilled out, assisted a little with the preparation of dinner. Fish curry and a banana curry! yum!
Had my first fish and chips meal since being in the country. Cod. It was good!