Started moving some of my things yesterday, what a mission!!! Was convinced that my shoulder muscles were going to snap at some point on the way. Really looking forward to the new place.
I was given a week’s notice on Wednesday at 16:30, they found someone permanent who could start right away. It was quite sudden and I was not expecting it so soon, as my contract was up until the 25th August. Guess that’s just the contract life and have to get used to it. So I’ve started looking for a new job. I had a telephone interview yesterday and they want to have a face-to-face interview on Monday, so that’s a good sign.
The new house does not have a telephone line and no internet yet. We’re organising that but it will take a few weeks I’ve heard. Till then, I will not be online constantly as I have been. Not quite sure how I am going to cope without on-demand internet access. Have been so spoilt.
Going to see Madonna in concert on Tuesday at Wembley area, £160 for a ticket. Can you believe it!!!??? It better be the best concert ever!!!