Its finalised, I move to Brixton on Saturday! I know its sudden and I only really decided to move last week Friday but that’s me for you. I make a decision and then follow through (most of the time anyway). Took a bag there last night after work. Its cool! Had my first Brixton experience on the way from the house to the station. This guy in shorts and a vest brushed past me as he walked in the opposite direction – he had a huge mother-f’ing python draped around his shoulders (and it was real I tell you), insane! Nearly jumped out of my skin literally. Geez, who walks around with a python in the street?!
So yeah, I am moving house!!! Sure going to miss the north and my Brent Cross housemates… well just Ilana, Tal, Tracy and Mosh.
Brixton is about 20min by train from Camden (not bad at all considering that Brent Cross is 15min away in the other direction), also it is in zone 2 so I will save some money on travel. I like my new housemates, Linda and Katerina, they are easy, chatty, friendly and make me laugh and also are not averse to cleaning.
I am going to watch Superman Returns at IMAX with my work people. Why am I going to see it again? Because work is paying, its going to be on IMAX and I don’t have anything else to do tonight and most of all, it will be fun, Im sure.
Without a doubt Brixton is not short of interesting characters, especially to photograph. It is somewhat overwhelming when stepping out of the station onto the main street… drug dealers offering skunk, people hanging around trying to sell you odd things, but 50m onwards it gets ‘better’.