For those that actually get around to checking out my blog every so often, i apologise for not updating it recently especially with some interesting thoughts. Work has been really busy, and very hands on which I am enjoying. I found out that the amazing coffee machine in the canteen which makes everything from a filter coffee to a cafe latte with the touch of a button costs around £15000. Wow!
Friday evening was spent wandering around Leicester square and Soho. Had dinner at a Japanese resturant called Satsuma. I love their teriyaki chicken. Ended up at a bar/club just chilling and listening to music. As I walked about, I just wished I had a camera with me, there were so many interesting people about, the evening was still sweltering and people were spilling out of bars sitting on the sidewalks and even the middle of the street. For the past 2 weeks or so, the weather has just been crazy hot (with temperatures reaching 38 degrees celcius), it does get irritating sometimes (being constantly sweating and sticky), but mostly it is a welcoming heat, though it can get unbearable on the trains.
I spent most of Saturday going around looking at places to live. The one I am leaning towards is in the south of london in Brixton, right at the end of the Victoria line. It would be living with a Canadian woman and a greek woman, both studying towards their masters. Chatted with them for over an hour. The room I would be in is smaller than the one I have now, but there is a HUGE living room which would be lovely. Overall the place is a bit rundown but has potential given some attention. Close to the house there is a great market which sells fresh produce. There is an energy to the place with loads of interesting and diverse people.
In the afternoon I wandered to Camden Locke market and visited Tracy and Mosh who have a stall there. They introduced me to this awesome food stall run by a woman called Kim. I had steamed sea bass with steamed delicious, healthy vegetables with Pad Thai noodles. YumYumYum!! It was so good that I had it for lunch today.
Met up with Yash and Nirven today… watched Superman Returns. I was not expecting much from it, but it turned out to be quite entertaining in the style of the original Superman movies. The other highlight besides the movie was the Spiderman 3 trailer which is only being released next year – how cruel!
Time to sleep… cheers for now.