Europride was hosted in London this year on Saturday just passed. I didnt participate in the March, but did go into Soho during the early evening. Soho was packed. The sun was still shining as brightly as ever and the night was as hot as the day. There were still thousands of people about. It took 20min just to walk through about 100m of people. Met up with some friends I made at the last picnic I went to. Spent the rest of evening outside a bar on the street. It was interesting watching these different characters out and about and prancing around. Gay people from all over Europe and the world. Felt for the tourists that took a wrong turn into Soho and ended up having to wade through a mass of half naked men, men in high heels and leather thongs… hahaha
There were the sprinklings of very attractive gay women as well.

My housemates Tracy and Mosh moved out on Monday. They found themselves a flat in Eash Finchley. I miss them. Had become quite used to having them in the house, preparing dinner with and eating with them. It was good. They stayed for only a month. At least now I have someone to visit in London.

A new housemate is moving in tonight. It really is crazy here, if it weren’t for the strange people coming to live here every few weeks, it would be fine.

Started the job yesterday at AKQA. So far I am really enjoying it there. I like the environment, the office is open plan, spread over 2 floors, there is lots of light coming in, lots of creative people working. I am learning some new things, gaining some new skills, and also doing what I have been doing previously, which is providing 1st line and some 2nd line support.