howzit everyone?

Well, it has been a busy week at work, with agents calling me regarding jobs starting next week Monday. I went for an interview this morning in Farringdon at a company called AKQA. The offices, layout and vibe was very relaxed, funky, young and creative. The interview went well. They phoned at 16:00 offering the position to me. My issue is that they are not offering enough and it is for a 12 month permanent contract. I am leaning more towards not accepting the position as I feel that I should stick to contracting work doing shorter term contracts, that way I can get a better rate of pay and travel inbetween working. If I could work for a longer period I would take the job, but because I have only a limited time period in which to earn money, I need to make as much money as I can during that time. It is quite tricky going for interviews during the week as it takes time to get there and you have to give an hour for the interview and time to get back… and I don’t get paid for the hours that I am away from the office.

I met up with Yash and Nirven on Monday after work in Leicester Square. Nirven had arrived early in the morning and was ready to turn back and go home when he saw the lines at passport control at Heathrow. It is daunting. He then made his way to Victoria station, bought a phone card from a newsagent and then realised that the card did not work at normal payphones, he goes back to the newsagent who tells him that he can call anywhere in the world with that card and all Nirri wants to do is call Yash in the next town. Thankfully he found a quid and managed to call Yash who was still in bed in Kent. So he waited 2 hours for Yash to get to Victoria station. It was great spending some time with them!

My housemate Tal has left for Israel for a few weeks and while he is away there are 2 guys occupying his room. The turnover of people in this house is astonishing but keeps everything interesting.

Danielle visited for a week. She was here for training and I was lucky enough to spend some time with her. I was spoilt and taken care of for a few days which was awesome. I’ve made a few new friends last weekend at another picnic in Hyde Park. There is just so much going on in this city every week it is truly overwhelming at times at the choice available. Euro Pride is this weekend and is being hosted in London this year. Not sure if I’m going to go to the parade, but maybe to an after-party.

I don’t have that lonely feeling anymore. I miss home and everyone at home but find that I am feeling more comfortable and confident about being here.

I am considering paying a ridiculous amount of money (£170) to attend a Madonna concert in August at Wembley Arena. Or I could buy some Bose speakers and the Madonna dvd instead and watch it at home.