Starting my 2nd week of work at Action for Blind People. My first day last week was fine. It was busy but I didn’t feel out, just got on with it… probably due to the fact that the type of calls coming in are very similar to my previous job. People here at this organisation are very polite to each other. Its quite strange actually.

Regarding what work I am going to be doing after this contract is up, I went for an interview yesterday morning at a company called Digital Mail. The interview was fine. They want me to come in this afternoon for a 2nd interview with the directors. The role seems very similar to the job I had at It is for 12 months. My concern is that I will be supporting their custom telecommunications products and during that time I will lose out on experience with commercial Microsoft products, experience that is very valuable when it comes to boosting salaries.

Soccer fever here is insane. I am not particularly interested in football, but can’t help but get caught up in the excitement. My housemates are still as crazy as ever, but they are growing on me. Have not heard from Terri.

I know this is quite a dull update… Almost saw Jennifer Anniston in Leicester Square at the premiere of her movie The Breakup. Was walking through then noticed the crowd, so stood around for a bit waiting… got bored and moved on. Did see her photo on the front page of the metro the next morning.

I know the weather here plays a major part of people’s moods here, so will tell you that the weather has been great for the past week. Few showers, but the temperature has been hot and the sky mostly sunny.

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