Friday was cool. I went into Oxford Circus, then to the Apple Store in Regent’s Street. This store is amazing… so many Macs… and free internet too. I go there to drool over the new MacBooks.

From there went to Charing Cross to a place called First Out. It was interesting, lots of pretty women. The venue is quite small though. Didn’t stay there very long. Walked around Soho and took in the smells of Chinese and thai food. Lovely! Can’t wait for my first pay cheque, going to spoil myself with delicious food.

Unlike in SA, salmon is very cheap here where back home salmon is a treat… to me at least.

Spent most of Saturday in Camden… it was a hot, beautiful sunny day, just wanted to be outdoors and enjoy the sun. Walked through camden market. I went to a bar called Southopia in Kennington. It was such a long journey from Brent Cross. It was weird going out alone, but cool because I spoke to so many people.

Its so funny how people clear out of bars/clubs by 12:30am, because of the transport issue at night.

Yesterday I went to Hampstead and had lunch with terri and some of her friends. Its hard going out now… everything just seems so expensive. won’t be doing that again until i have a job.

Spent the afternoon online, and the evening with my housemates, Tal, Elana and Tracy. We were dipping into Tal’s stash of whiskey. Went out to a pub afterwards in Golder’s Green, there were mostly South African Jewish people at the pub for some reason, some kind of convention or something on Sunday’s.

All you Goo Goo Dolls fans, they were playing in Brixton this weekend. Sniff Sniff… should have gone. So many concerts coming up. I dig their new album Let Love In.

And that was my weekend.