I can’t believe that it’s going into my fourth week here. The days this week have been quiet but stressful. I wake each morning hopeful that an agent will call with some good news. They have been calling, mostly to ask me if it is ok to send my CV through to their clients for their vacancies. Anyway, just cross thumbs for me all you people who love me out there and pray pray and hope =)

Life in my little room (which I have to mention is smaller than my res room) is cosy. Waiting to move to the bigger room. Am interested actually in another flatshare south of london. It is £100 cheaper per month, so I’ll let you know how that goes. Going to view it next Tuesday. Also, it is in Zone 2.

If anyone is interested in chatting, through GoogleTalk or Skype, feel free to contact me. Had a chat with my parents last night (which was very amusing and lovely) and a chat with Faiz this morning. It’s very clear and what’s best, if you don’t know already know, is that it doesn’t cost anything. So log on and lets talk =)

So you all that watched Xmen3, what did you think? Post a comment, leave a message, lets discuss. Personally thought Phoenix was a bit disappointing, her powers have so much more range.

Those of you wondering, setting up this blog only took about an hour. Its very simple, and I guess adding content depends on how fast you type and how particular you are. (you may have noticed that I am not very concerned about grammar or spelling or even the fact that I may have left out entire words)

thats all for now