Recap 01/02/2006 – 07/05/2006

So, I resigned from my job at the end of February. I think it was a good move considering the trauma of the time, the breakup with S etc, we won’t get into that now. Most of my time during work hours was just a complete disaster, I think they were glad to see me off, being so miserable and depressed and crying.
Departure for London was set for beginning of May. I did try changing my flight date just to avoid the awkwardness at the airport with the families and her new girlfriend. But that turned out to be a waste of time, as I ended up having to change it back to the original flight due to visa issues.
Most of March went by in a blur. Stayed home, watched Smallville, Prison Break, Lost, and who can forget House (now that is a brilliant show!). Started coming out of my hibernation in April, socialising more, getting dressed, leaving the house. A typical day was – wake up, phone faiz, faiz is home/not, get dressed, take laptop, go to faiz’s, spend entire day on the internet, maybe go for lunch or dinner, grab a dvd, go home, sleep.
I completely prevented myself from thinking about London… it all hit me the week before departure. There was a lot happening that week. Jow and Wendy’s wedding, Shaylin’s 18th birthday, my 25th birthday, and last second preps. The wedding was fantastic, beautiful, so much love. I felt so sad and so happy. That entire weekend was fun, spending time with the family, cousins, aunts, uncles, dancing, singing, drinking, eating. It was sad saying bye to ma and dad.
Honestly don’t remember much of what happened during the last days at home.
Pre-departure day was spent packing and repacking, trying to get the weight under the limit without leaving important things behind. Did end up leaving a lot of essential things that are just going to cost me more money to get here. Well, it was necessary considering the luggage was way over weight as is.
Airport scene was not as bad as expected, could be due to my posse (Faiz, Paans, Shayls, Shavs, Sha, Shanna, Shameme, Jow, Wends) as well as the fact that S’s entire family came to hug me and wish me well. The little ones’ hugs were quite special (Lesley, Joshua, Michael). Also I was slightly intoxicated, ever so slightly though.
When eventually got onto the plane, just passed out, couldn’t stay awake despite my best efforts to watch some of the films on board. Was probably due to the stress of the previous 2 weeks.
Heathrow airport was jam packed when I got off the plane. Queues and queues of people waiting to get through customs. When it was my turn finally, everything was in order except TB Xrays. Had to join another queue for that… waited an hour before the Xray was ready.
Ok, so by the time I finished with the Xrays, the bags from my flight were not on the belt, I managed to find one little bag, but not my main suitcase. Suprisingly I was not as distressed as I should have been, and I really can’t say why. I logged a call with the Virgin desk, they said that my bag had not made the flight and would arrive in a day or two. Cool, they had it delivered to my hostel 3 days later. I was actually slightly relieved that I didnt have this bigger additional bag to lug around. The train was not in service that day, and I had to catch a bus to Acton, and then a train to West Kensington.
Arrived at the hostel in good time (10am). It turned out to be a good choice, very clean, new looking, well-maintained place (Ace Hotel).
Had to wait till 2pm to check in. Luckily they had a cool chill-out area with leather couches, I fell asleep almost immediately after sitting down.
Checked in at 2pm, and waited for Terri to meet me. We ended up having lunch in Kensington, and then took a bus to Green Park. Walked around there for a bit, then had coffee in Leiscester Square. And that was that…