First few weeks in London

Stayed in at the hostel for 3 nights, shared the room with 3 Canadians. They had just graduated and were travelling through Europe before starting to work for a living. The room was small, but clean, safe and comfortable. It was on the 3rd floor, was quite a mission getting my big suitcase up those stairs and down again when it was time to leave.
Moved to Terri’s place on my 4th day in London… out north to Brent Cross. The house is close to the tube station, actually it is practically opposite the tube station. At the time, there was a couple in one room, Tal in another room, Elana in the single room, and Terri and I in one room. At some point the following week, the couple moved out (Tal’s employees), Elana moved to their room. Later Tal’s dad came to visit for a few days, so Tal stayed in the single room, his dad in his room. After that, Elana had 2 friends and her boyfriend over for a few days last week. The single room was once again occupied.

So finally, I have moved into the single room this afternoon (£60pw), I am sure much to the relief of terri =) She’s been great and extremely generous to allow me to stay with her for 3 weeks as I have.

My days have not been very interesting, been spending most of my time online on job sites, applying and applying. Some days are better than others. Agents will call, put my CV forward to the client, and then I wait to hear back from them with good news.

Today I went to a temp agency in Golder’s Green. They gave me a typing test. Scored 53wpm, 100 accuracy. Will keep you posted on the temp jobs.

Last week Thursday i had a walk about camden town, decided to walk about because it had been raining and cold and miserable all week and then the sun came out on Thurday late afternoon. Decided I had to take advantage of the sun shining. Came upon a cool health store called Fresh & Wild. They only stock natural and organic products — unadulterated by artificial additives, sweeteners, colorings, and preservatives. Very cool!

This weekend past… Friday evening was spent in Camden walking around, enjoying the sun a bit. Watched Xmen 3-The Last Stand (£8.60) It was entertaining, and sad… those guys are looking old, especially Wolverine and Storm. Phoenix was just scary.
Saturday, Yashen came to visit in the afternoon. Crazy loon worked all of Friday night, came to meet me without having any sleep. We watched Xmen3 (yes, my second time), had lunch… and he was off again to work the whole of Saturday night. I went to London Bridge, South Embankment to Zakudia where terri was having a little gathering to see in her 24th birthday. A really cool bar/lounge place with awesome views of the river thames. The music was great all evening. Sunday morning was relaxed and chilled… went to a picnic at Hyde Park in the afternoon organised by the gingerbeer girls. It was a lot of fun. A great mix of people, older, young, butch, femme, locals, foreigners, sporty, not so sporty. Played football. Ate 2 magnum ice-creams because it was cheaper buying a box of 3 for 87p, than buying one for £1.10.

The problem with going out in London is the transport issue at night. The trains stop at about 12:30am, and if you miss the train it is a mission to get home. A real unbelievable mission. I am yet to have that adventure.

Just to mention that my bank account was opened with HSBC within 3 days of my application… thanks to 1stContact and their Kickstart package. Yet to have some money deposited in there.